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Elegant Earth Products

Made green. Made in America. Elegant Earth’s extensive US-based manufacturing facilities produce a diverse and continually expanding line of earth-friendly products. Designed to inspire those with an eye for function and beauty, our products are proudly made in our “recycled” factory—a reclaimed industrial building and site—in Birmingham, Alabama. Our use of skylights not only reduces energy consumption, but also yields wonderful natural light—perfect for the process of fi nishing our designs. Adhering to strict environmental standards and utilizing water-based fi nishes, the natural colors found in Elegant Earth products


are made with organic pigments. With no messy spray booths or industrial solvents, we create not only a better aesthetic but also a safer environment for our employees and our earth. Over 90% of our packing materials are recyclable and/or biodegradable. Products are shipped in recycled boxes and packed with biodegradable excelsior. Elegant Earth and the Acanthus. We’ve carefully and thoughtfully designed this stylized Acanthus leaf logo to represent our company. The leaf’s origin as a Greek symbol of quality, longevity, and creativity is a fi tting emblem for our work. These are traits we very much value, and qualities we build into every product we produce.

Our Factory

Over a quarter century agO elegant earth began as a retail boutique in a charming turreted storefront in English Village near Birmingham. Featuring a wonderful mix of antique and new garden ornament, the store drew national attention and inspired designers and home owners alike. Organically, the business evolved into a manufacturing operation that reflected the store’s look and sensibilities by creating pieces that make design statements, solve design problems, and just feel right. We share our love of the past and the thrill of discovery with our customers, and strive to deliver the combination of good design and quality that will stand the test of time. We began our 25th year relocating the operation to an historic 185,000 sq. ft. factory on 8.5 acres near the heart of Birmingham. This facility is roughly 6 times the size of our previous space, allowing us to increase our efficiency and capacity as we continue to grow. Higher capacity and efficiency are great, but they can sometimes have a negative effect on creativity and the design process. We were e s p e c i a l l y excited about t h i s move because the architecture and history of the space are in harmony with our core beliefs and everything that is good about our line. Built in 1920 to house the automaker Preston Motors Company, 1700 Vanderbilt Rd. was slated for demolition because it was seen as a “white elephant" in the real estate world - with inadequate ceiling height and column spacing for today’s industrial and warehousing needs. When we discovered it we saw a perfect match for our creative operation and we spared this unique structure from the wrecking ball. It’s “sawtooth" roof design is an iconic symbol of American manufacturing at its zenith. We hope to honor the legacy of quality and craftsmanship defined by that era as we make our products within its light-filled walls. We are indeed grateful to be the stewards of this building, but we are most grateful to you, our customers and friends. Our hope is that we continue to earn your business in the years ahead.